Along with completing “C”-funded roadway projects in York and Chester Counties, Armstrong Glen has also engineered gravel road paving projects funded by Pennies for Progress.  These projects include the horizontal layout of road center lines, construction sequencing, erosion control, and the construction administration of the paving of existing gravel roads in York County.  Although these three road projects were designed and packaged separately, they were combined and bid as one large project. The low bid for paving all three roads was $1,350,020.

Heatherlock Drive

Heatherlock Drive is a 2,200’ long York County gravel road near Clover, South Carolina.  Pre-construction design involved assisting in real estate acquisition by compiling resident names and addresses. In some cases no easement was granted so the road alignment had to be shifted horizontally in order to work around specific properties.  Heatherlock Drive terminates at a cul-de-sac which was widened in order to provide a turn-around area, but construction had to remain within the right-of-way. Construction was completed in August of 2016.

Mereva Road

Mereva Road is a one mile long gravel road near York, South Carolina.  Care was taken to minimize earthwork and generally maintain the original horizontal and vertical alignments, while still providing required design speeds.  Mereva Road also has a dead end which was upfitted with a new cul-de-sac. Construction was completed in August of 2016.

Burns Road

A portion of Burns Road was previously paved, so Armstrong Glen was tasked with adding approximately 7,000 linear feet of paving over the existing gravel road.  In certain cases the existing gravel road wasn’t wide enough to support two travel lanes, so fill had to be added in order to widen the road section.  As with the other York County gravel road projects, the new Burns Road geometry matched the existing gravel roadway as closely as possible in order to minimize earthwork.

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